Thursday, 22 September 2016

Stand behind your man, Scotland!

I know from experience (and by experience, I mean watching Braveheart) that the Scots respond well to a rallying cry for support.  Here it is Scotland:

The BHRC has just today updated its statistics on the leading owner, trainer and driver tables.  With only 10 fixtures remaining across the UK in the 2016 season, here are things as they stand (taken directly from the BHRC website -

"Leading Horse
Currently MIRACULOUS tops the poll by number of wins sitting on 8, with victories in the Grass Derby at Musselburgh, the Barney Joyce 3YO at Portmarnock, the Breeders Crown at Tir Prince and the BHRC Pacing Derby – setting track records at Portmarnock and Tir Prince along the way.

On his heels with 7 wins each are Mikey Camden, Sports Trick, Jessies Conquest and Rhyds Mystique.

Leading Owner
Claire Fletcher has 26 wins, from stars such as Sports Trick, Porcelain Seelster, Indie Hanover and Shades of Grey.

Raymond Huschka follows in second with 19 wins, with charges including Mikey Camden, Evenwood Sonofagun and Happy Hands. A little bit of work to be done for Mr Huschka to be Leading Owner for the third consecutive year.

Leading Trainer
Closely contested at present, Teresa Haythornthwaite has 38 wins and William Laidler has 36. The Haythornthwaite team may well end a 10 year run of a Laidler leading trainer.

Leading Driver
William Greenhorn currently has 42 wins. William ‘Rocker’ Laidler follows in second with 34 wins.
Will be an interesting few weeks at this late stage in the season to watch how the wins stack up and the lists change."

This is where you come in, Scotland.  Now is the time for us to stand behind our man: William Greenhorn.  Last year, Grant Cullen pushed Rocker to the penultimate meeting of the season before Rocker knew for sure that he was retaining his title.  Despite being runner up on the national scene, he was a comprehensive champion in Scotland, with almost twice as many winning drives as the second placed driver (William Drysdale).

Before anyone gets on their high horse, this is not about not supporting Rocker; I have known him and his family for a few years now and would like to think that we're friends.

THIS IS SIMPLY A LIGHTHEARTED POST (with a serious undertone, hint hint).

When the Australian tour party were visiting Corbiewood at the beginning of August, I overheard one say to another, "that Greenhorn is supposed to be quite good.  His father told me so".  Bill Hutchison happened to be stood with them, and said "ah yes, but remember most fathers will say that".  He was right: parents are biased.  Which is why I stepped in, as an unbiased third party (at the time Greenhorn hadn't driven for me) and told them that he was on course to become the Leading Driver for the season.  That in itself seems impressive enough.  What I then pointed out was the remarkable fact that Greenhorn doesn't have a stable behind him.

What I mean is, Rocker has been training as a public trainer; Mick [Lord] has Sheelagh [Lord], Andrew [Cairns] has Joanne [Cairns], Alan, Richard & James [Haythornthwaite] have Teresa [Haythornthwaite].  You get the gist.  William Greenhorn doesn't have that.  He has catch drives.  Lots of them.  They become regular drives, but he's not fielding a stable of his own horses in addition to the drives he picks up.  He's a 100% freelance driver.  Even when wife Joyce was training [Artisan], Greenhorn could barely get a drive on the horse for C Class drivers wanting a go.

The end of the season is drawing closer, the leader tables are getting tighter.  Scotland, I am calling on you to step up and help the man out.  I've provided him with one of his 42 wins.  Maybe you can help him find number 43, 44, 45 and so on.

Let's get ourselves a Scottish champion!

William Greenhorn & Greentree Shorty (Bill Cardno photo)
William Greenhorn & Sureamsomething (Bill Cardno photo)
William Greenhorn & Ayr Escape (Bill Cardno photo)
Lining up for the Famous Musselburgh Pace Final (far right) (Bill Cardno photo)
William Greenhorn & Pan For Gold (Sarah Thomas photo)
William Greenhorn & Crosshill Ace (Bill Cardno photo)

Interview with William Greenhorn, Dec 2015 -

Over and out,

#1 (patriotic adopted-Scot) Groom

Edited to add:  Shortly after this was published, Wull G contacted me to advise that the BHRC have not accounted for 3 additional wins which he notified them of some weeks ago.  Therefore at the time of posting this he was 11 wins clear.  Nothing changes - we must all stand behind him!  Let's give this a big push to the finish (although he needs to focus on the prize, going on lads days out to races for his brother's 30th (40th) birthday will not result in winning drives!!)


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